Fight involving Palin family: Top 10 moments from a audio files

Audio clips full of expletives and opposing statements from a m�lange involving a family of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin were expelled Tuesday. Several hours of military interviews brought memorable quotes from witnesses and those concerned in a brawl. Here are a tip 10. 

But first, some background: The Sept. 6 occurrence was primarily reported by military as a quarrel involving about 20 people during a South Anchorage home. Homeowner Korey Klingenmeyer ​was hosting a birthday celebration for his son and dual friends, twin brothers Marc and Matthew McKenna. Palin’s husband, Todd, a crony of the McKennas, was also celebrating his 50th birthday.

According to witnesses, a Palin family arrived during Klingenmeyer’s home in a Hummer limousine and were concerned in a brawls that took place after that evening.

At slightest dual fights took place, according to declare statements — one in a travel in front of a home involving Todd Palin and son Track, and another behind a home, where mixed witnesses pronounced they watched daughter Bristol Palin punch Klingenmeyer regularly in a face. 

Detailed of a dusk were summarized in a military report released Oct. 9. The audio clips expelled Tuesday mirror a military report, charity sometimes-conflicting declare statements. 

In no sold order, a 10 many noted quotes:

#1: Bristol Palin explains to a military officer what happened:

“Some male pushed me down on a belligerent and was boring me by my feet,” Bristol Palin tells police. “They took my $300 sunglasses, they took my f**king boots and I’m f**king only left here?”

The officer asks where she’s injured. “My f**king knees, my face, where’s my sh*t? we have a 5-year-old in a car,” she replies.

#2: Track Palin misspells final name, apologizes to a military officer:

A military officer asks Track Palin to spell his name.

“Tango-Romeo-Charlie-Kilo” Palin says, indicating “Trck.”

“And your final name?” a officer asks.

“Papa-Alpha-Lima-India-Mike-Oscar. Track says, spelling out a final name “Palimo.” “You know what that means? Like, we mean, a alpha?” 

“Papa – Palimo?” The officer asks.

“Track, this is not a time to be joking. It’s Palin,” Todd Palin says.

“I’m only messing around. I’m contemptible dude,” Track says.

A small later, Track apologizes again. “Hey, I’m not perplexing to be a dick, man. Like, I’m contemptible dude. I’ve only seen a lot of shows on cops.”

“I understand,” The officer replies.

#3: Palin versus Klingenmeyer

While officers talk homeowner Klingenmeyer, Todd Palin interjects and confronts him. “Did we call Bristol a slut, or what’s adult man?” Todd Palin says.

“Todd, really?” Klingenmeyer replies.

“Did we call Bristol a slut?” Palin repeats.

“Todd. Really?” Klingenmeyer says.

Moments after Klingenmeyer tells one of the Palin daughters, “You need to go on another existence show.” 

As a conditions escalates, an officer says, “Let’s mangle this up.”

#4: A assent offering

As a deadlock between Klingenmeyer and a Palins continues, one male yells: “Everybody be friends! Everybody be friends! Give me a cuddle right now. we know you’re bros. Give me a hug.

“Everybody adore everybody. That’s a bottom line, right? Everybody adore everybody.”

#5: Track’s prepared to fight

Track describes an comparison male entrance during him during a fight: “They were using during me, he was an aged man, like 40 years old, whatever. we don’t care, I’ll quarrel whoever. I’m 24. Like, f*ck off. I’ll quarrel you.”

#6: Highly vibrated homeowner

Homeowner Klingenmeyer tells police: “These Palins running adult here in my skill behaving like they possess it is not gonna fly with me. I’m the f*cking guy who owns this place. Korey f*cking Klingenmeyer. And we don’t give a f*ck if their name’s Palin, or f*cking, Obama, means they don’t mean sh*t to me,” he says.

#7: Witness describes watching Track Palin collect a quarrel with his father

Witness Brian Horschel tells an officer, “Track was perplexing to collect a quarrel with his possess father, and that didn’t happen. … I was sitting right there, and we said, ‘Who’s that guy?,’ because we was removing prepared to mount adult for Todd, means this male was picking a disagreeable quarrel with him.”

A male replied, “That’s Palin’s kid,” Horschel tells officers. “And we go, ‘Oh all right, we theory it’s OK then.’ “

#8: The family finds Track’s necklace

“Did we find your necklace? Track that is such a God thing, see?” Sarah Palin says, referring to a necklace that had been mislaid in a scuffle. “I can’t trust we found it. Put it in my pocket.”

#9: Track describes his friend, whom he says he was perplexing to defend

“Bottom line: So they, f*cking strike dual of us. One is my buddy, a many like, trusting — basically a happy guy, though he’s not,” Track Palin says.

#10. A obvious outline of a incident

Matthew McKenna summarizes how a dusk devolved into a melee: “The problem is, we’re friends, and we have a lot of other friends that aren’t friends, and sh*t got awry.”


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