India’s tip 20 residential neighbourhoods

Traditionally, a southern neighborhoods of India’s primary cities have always been a poshest and many fascinating locations for HNI home buyers. Historically, these localities have housed a Who’s Who of a city. This materialisation still continues; however, over time, other areas are competing with these bequest locations and attracting a younger nouveau riche. Several cities are saying this happening. Extremely singular new supply of residences in primary neighborhoods is a many conversion reason of for HNIs looking for other areas wherein to buy oppulance homes.

Considering all aspects, we have identified twenty submarkets as a chosen upmarket residential hotspots opposite a tip cities in India. According to a assessment, these locations offer a lifestyle, standing and pin-code value that HNIs wish to be compared with:


In a country’s financial capital, prices are not holding behind those who wish to possess and can means upmarket sensuous residences. In a city where space is maybe a many changed resource, direct for oppulance apartments is a unequivocally individualistic concept. South executive Mumbai, once unflatteringly famous as a indent district, has finally strew this picture and now has utterly a few prize oppulance projects underneath construction. The land parcels that mills formerly assigned have given approach to oppulance skyscrapers that are changing a skyline Maximum City. Besides Lower Parel and Worli that consecrate to south executive Mumbai, areas such as Bandra, Juhu and Powai have renowned themselves as a new posh localities of Mumbai.

? Worli:

Worli has come a prolonged approach to emerge as one of a primary genuine estate destinations in a country. In fact, this upmarket neighbourhood, that is strategically located to overpass a north-south divide, has managed to achieve and keep inflection notwithstanding a ongoing hurdles that a skill marketplace of a city is now encountering. Worli now binds reward positioning, with usually appreciating skill prices. Residential skill prices have escalated to a balance of Rs.35,000/sq.ft-Rs.60,000/sq.ft approx. in properties in Worli.

? Bandra:

With a city’s CBD experiencing a tectonic change and for all unsentimental functions carrying shifted from Nariman Point to BKC, Bandra is a new and chosen end by a abundant category of a city. In a new past, many vast corporate houses as good as consulates have changed their domicile to BKC, effectively creation Bandra a new heart of Mumbai.
In particular, Bandra West is a renouned residential end that binds high lifestyle value. Because of a chosen form and a high turn of accessible shopping, education, medical and distraction facilities, this area is always a chosen end for primary skill seekers. Many conjectural developers here are charity residential projects around redevelopment schemes. To possess a oppulance home in this neighbourhood, one needs to bombard out anything between Rs.30,000-55,000/sq.ft (approx.) depending on a accurate plcae and form of a project.

? Lower Parel:

Prime plcae and a Worli Sea Link make Lower Parel one of a many sought-after residential areas in Mumbai. Good connectivity with other tools of Mumbai and softened infrastructure supplement value to one’s investment. Lower Parel is contributing a limit to Mumbai’s changing skyline, and many conjectural developers are charity universe category residential condos during prices trimming anywhere between Rs.25,000–40,000/sq.ft.


As comparison nodes of a city get saturated, residential expansion gets pushed to areas in a vicinity. Navi Mumbai was a answer to a flourishing space break in Mumbai, and was combined to support to a rising direct for genuine estate and to palliate a vigour on Mumbai. The satellite city Navi Mumbai is currently a largest designed new city in a world.
Navi Mumbai has successfully gained a tab of one of a many renouned skill end in a country. With well-planned infrastructural development, a residential marketplace there has witnessed a solid appreciation in a skill prices. It also has a possess high-end residential areas.

? Palm Beach Road:

There is a consistent direct for residential skill on a Palm Beach Road. This is merely given it is a usually area in Navi Mumbai where limit high-rise properties offer sea view. It is a rarely aspirational locality, given it offers a oppulance standing roughly on standard with South Mumbai. The stream skill prices on Palm Beach highway operation between Rs.14,000–18,500/sq.ft.

? Vashi:

Vashi is a initial node of Navi Mumbai that was designed and executed by CIDCO. The area is good connected with a pivotal business districts of a city and enjoys glorious connectivity to Mumbai and Pune. Vashi ranks high on amicable and county infrastructure, and a skill prices of this segment operation between Rs.11,000-17,000/sq.ft.


Pune is no longer a tiny city whose usually explain to celebrity was a closeness to Mumbai. The city whose genuine estate marketplace has survived not usually on civic though also farming direct rising from a hinterlands of Maharashtra is currently an particular mercantile powerhouse in all respects. Pune is positively a highly-preferred retirement end with a rate of pursuit era that is tough to match, and a childish component that unequivocally drives a city is tough to miss.

? Koregaon Park:

Koregaon Park, located in a southern partial of a city, is one of a many prestigious localities in Pune. It is an upmarket area that offers a best high-end sensuous apartments and bungalows, and essentially appeals to a city’s affluent. The area has witnessed poignant development, with countless high-rise apartments, blurb establishments, sell stores and party avenues now dotting Koregaon Park. Supply on both a blurb and residential genuine estate fronts was intensely singular until recently, with a series of new projects now augmenting a pipeline. Residential properties here can cost anything between Rs.13000-16000/sq.ft and above, depending on accurate plcae and building typology.

? Kalyani Nagar:

Kalyani Nagar has emerged as one of a many distinguished and determined blurb and residential genuine estate hubs on a eastern mezzanine of Pune. Strategically located between Koregaon Park and Viman Nagar, Kalyani Nagar advantages from tighten closeness to a airport, railway hire and also to Kharadi and Hadapsar. This creates Kalyani Nagar an ideal end for IT/ITES companies. Priced during an normal of Rs.9000-13000/sq.ft, residential properties in Kalyani Nagar really authority a reward over many of a other localities in a city.

? Boat Club Road:

Situated along a Mutha River, Boat Club Road offers tighten closeness to a airport, railway hire and a city‘s primary business districts such as Dhole Patil Road and Bund Garden Road. At a stone’s chuck divided from this micro-market is a cluster of malls, marketplace places, schools, hospitals and party hubs. Boat Club Road is located about 4 km north-east of a heart of a city, and is arguably a many upmarket residential end of Pune. Prices normal during about Rs.13,500 – Rs.15,500/sq.ft. in this area.


Bengaluru has one of a fastest flourishing genuine estate markets in a country, and oppulance housing is one of a many colourful and energetic segments in a city. The flourishing direct for oppulance housing can be attributed to a fast arise in a series of HNWIs, a fast gait of urbanisation, a liquid of tellurian lifestyle trends and a expansion of use industries such as record and financial services that are constantly moving middle-income organisation people into a HNWIs bracket.

? Sadashivanagar:

Sadashivanagar is an upscale residential community of Bengaluru, and one of a normal oppulance destinations. With prices clocking in during Rs.30,000/sq.ft for under-construction projects (the tip residential presales collateral value accessible in a city’s history) a area has positively warranted a tab of many costly community of Bengaluru.

? Indiranagar:

Indiranagar in easterly Bangalore is nonetheless another hyper-expensive locality in Bengaluru. The locality is well-connected with other tools of a city around Namma Metro, Purple Line and a BMTC train line. Indiranagar has emerged as an critical residential heart of Bangalore and skill prices can go as high as Rs.12,000-18,000/sq.ft.


? Banjara Hills:

This is an upmarket locality in larger Hyderabad. Top-notch oppulance hotel brands along with outrageous selling malls are benefaction in this area. Banjara Hills is famous to be a many function place in Hyderabad, and is positively one of a many chosen localities in a city. The community is self-sustaining in terms of amicable and ubiquitous infrastructure and advantages from glorious connectivity to all critical places like railway station, airfield and business districts. The customer form is mostly lopsided towards a comparison supervision of corporates, program professionals, doctors, advocates, franchised accountants and a business class. It is also rarely elite by corporates looking to open their offices and guest houses. Properties here cost anywhere between Rs.7,500-14,000/sq.ft.

? Jubilee Hills:

Jubilee Hills is another posh suburban community in west Hyderabad. It is one of a many costly blurb and residential locations in India, with primary land prices appealing adult to Rs.200,000/sqyd. This suburb is bordered by a abounding blurb districts of Banjara Hills and is located within dual kilometres from a IT-hub of HITEC City. The cream of society, including business tycoons, industrialists, film personalities and other HNIs live in this locality. As a result, it is good confirmed and one of a many elite neighbourhoods to live in.


? Boat Club Road:

Boat Club Road in Chennai is a ease locality situated divided from a daily dispatch and discord of a city. Homes here lift an disdainful lavishness tag. With residential prices touching Rs.27,000/sq.ft , Boat Club Road spreads opposite 2 in south Chennai and is positively a many aspired pincode, withdrawal even Poes Gardens behind.

? Poes Garden:

Poes Garden, surrounded by sensuous immature trees and inhabited by some of a many distinguished names from a business world, is one of a many sought-after locations in Chennai. Considered to be one of a cleanest rags of a city, is a VIP area where many tip nick business tycoons and politicians live. The area has unequivocally adequate ubiquitous and amicable infrastructure, and is well-connected to pivotal city centres. Poes Garden houses dual of a many distinguished personalities in Chennai; with a former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalithaa and actor Rajinikanth carrying their residences here. Property rates operation between Rs.33,000-35,000/sq.ft.


Located on a banks of stream Hooghly, Kolkata has a unequivocally abounding informative ethos, and has traditionally been home to many famous personalities in India. Despite a rather low-key genuine estate market, Kolkata has always been deliberate one of a abounding cities of a country. In a stream context, a direct for oppulance properties in Kolkata essentially comes from NRIs and from HNIs critical in circuitously cities that cite creation protected investments in one of India’s many regressive markets. The direct for oppulance homes in Kolkata is solid and sincerely reliable.

? Alipore:

Located forward of a ancient Victoria Memorial, Fort William and a competition course, Alipore is one of a some-more critical upmarket residential neighbourhoods of Kolkata. This community is a absolved chateau of a many distinguished supervision officials of a city. Prices here operation anywhere between Rs.15,000-22,000/sq.ft. Many conjectural business families such as a Singhanias, Jalans, Goenkas and a Mittals share this pin code.

? Ballygunge:

Convenience, peculiarity lifestyle and connectivity are a categorical factors that make Ballygunge one of a best critical areas in Southern Kolkata. Ballygunge is a unchanging value trove of attractions, and a self-sustained neighbourhood. The customer form of this locality is heavily prone towards a HNIs and NRIs who enterprise a high lifestyle quotient. As a area offers poignant range for collateral appreciation and promises healthy returns, there are a lot of investors who wish possess a skill here. With stream skill prices trimming between Rs.10,000-12,500/sq.ft., Ballygunge really commands a reward over other localities of Kolkata.


? Lutyens’ Delhi:

Lutyens’ Delhi, that includes Aurangzeb Road, Mansingh Road, Prithviraj Road, Shahjahan Road and a circuitously localities of Golf Links, Chanakyapuri, Jor Baug and Sunder Nagar, have prolonged been a many chosen locations for country’s abounding and powerful. Besides being strategically located, this micro-market has a unequivocally high posh value trustworthy to it. Owning a residence here means announcing to a universe that one has arrived in India’s energy circle.

? Greater Kailash:

Greater Kailash, mostly referred as GK, is an upmarket residential community in South Delhi. Divided into dual zones, namely GK-1 and GK-2, and located around a territory of a Outer Ring Road, it is home to some of a many abundant families in Delhi. With prices trimming between Rs.17,000-22,000/sq.ft., Greater Kailash has always seen as a community where a city’s Who’s Who reside.


? DLF City Phase-5:

Located in Gurgaon, Haryana, on a south-western periphery of New Delhi, DLF City Phase-5 is a partial of Delhi Metropolitan Area and an critical high-end genuine estate end in a National Capital Region (NCR). Its critical significance lies in a tighten closeness to a domestic and general airports and a poignant IT change in Gurgaon. It has good amicable infrastructure, fast building earthy infrastructure and top-quality educational institutions in a vicinity, that creates Phase-5 of DLF City a rarely fascinating plcae in all respects. For home seekers in Delhi-NCR, this is a high-aspiration area and offers a horde of choice such as gated communities, villas and high-end apartments to select from.

? Golf Course Road:

Golf Course Road, also famous as GCR, is deliberate to be a unequivocally high-end locality. There are many vast unit blocks in this area, creation this a accepted housing choice accessible here. It is mainly located and is good connected to a critical hubs of a city. The area around Golf Course Road has a brew of residential and blurb establishments with prices for residential condos to a balance of Rs.13,000-19,000/sq.ft. Likewise, a arriving locality Golf Course Road Extension boasts of glorious connectivity and a closeness to a airfield is an appealing offering. With adequate schools, hospitals, restaurants and party hubs in and around GCR, this area is an determined locality with easy entrance to Delhi.

DISCLAIMER: The views voiced are only of a author and do not indispensably allow to it. shall not be obliged for any repairs caused to any person/organisation directly or indirectly.

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